EYE: PATHOLOGY: RING STD or 300 ectasic distribution type KERATOMETRY Power (D) Axis(o) K1 K2 Very asymmetric 25/75% At least 75% of the ectasic area restricted in a corneal half. Moderately asymmetric 33/66% ⅔ of the ectasic area (66%) is restricted in a corneal half Symmetric 50/50% The steepest meridian divides the ectasic area into equal parts REFRACTION Spheric (D) Cilinder (D) Axis (o) BSCVA decimal scale PACHYMETRY μm at the incision site tunnel thinnest point RESULTS REPORT Thinnest: Thickest: Instrução: Use segment(s): Incision Position (meridian): o Incision depth (manual technique): μm Tunnel depth (femtolaser technique): μm RESULT PREDICTION Pre op (D) Post op (D) Km Sph Eq Analysis for a good surgical indication K max BSCVA Astig value Astig axis Astig Coer